Edward Levin was born in 1934 in Minsk, Belarus.
He began to paint in 1950, studied with the well-known painters N. Tarasikov and E. Krasovsky.
He received the further artistic training in the Belarusian Design Institute.
Author of series of monumental works, memorials, relief sculpture, mosaics. Painted, made prints and graphic works.
In 1976 he moved to Israel.
He lived and worked in Jerusalem.
He died in 2019.

“Art seems to exist on its own – but it is bound by indestructible links to human ethics. The mainspring of creative seeking is in the artist’s soul, in his concept of the universe, in the harmony and rhythms of his colors and lines. The more his talent is sincere, the more significant is his work and the higher his artistic achievements.”

“…I am against art for the masses, against “art for all”. Art is an individual, personal thing, like one’s feelings. It is the soul of mankind striving for betterment. I am deeply convinced in the humanistic aim of art and that creation is intended for the good of mankind, for universal harmony and for truth. And if my creation is needed in this drowning world, if it reaches a solitary wanderer, if it helps somebody to survive and to stand up against evil, then maybe I have created something on the face of the earth.”
Edward Levin